Cover Reveal: Jean Kelso


TITLE: Controlling Circumstance
SERIES: Circumstances Series (Book 1)
AUTHOR: Jean Kelso
PUBLISHER: Booktrope Publishing
For a brief moment, Belle believed she was in love. In her young, naive mind, she had assumed love was all-consuming and everlasting, capable of withstanding the test of time. Sometimes, when you’re young, you can become easily blinded by the desires of the heart, leading you to make poor choices in the name of love. Belle had been no different. Her dream man turned out to be her worst nightmare. Her assumption of love proved to be completely off track, erecting walls to form around her heart. Now at the age of thirty, Belle is left questioning why life isn’t as easy as she’d expected.
Gabe watched her from a distance. From the first flash of her red hair and the way she walked, looking so focused on nothing but where she was going, he felt a sudden and fierce magnetic pull to her. Their eyes met just once before she crossed the street, but Gabe felt it. That deep longing that filled his chest and threatened to suffocate him.
He needed to know her…all of her. But he needed to control himself first. With danger on the rise, can the love of one man be enough to control the situation? Or will it be just another circumstance left to chance?

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