New Release from Ava Danielle

Love Made in Italy by Ava Danielle


Sophia Chadwell — I moved to Italy to escape my past in Seattle. I
nanny for an American family whom I love. I’m
picking up the pieces and mending them
together. I’m learning to be happy again. Then I
meet him and I’m learning to trust again. Until
the truth comes out and my past comes back.

Daniel Keller — I’m in Italy for my job, I wasn’t planning on
falling in love with her. She’s been hurt, her
life is in danger, but I will protect her. Though,
I have a secret, a secret that may destroy us.
I’m not who she thinks I am.

Ryan Johnson — She loves me, I know she does. I know her
every move, I’m always watching. I will do
anything and everything to make her mine. I’ll
have her until death do us part.

Releases Wednesday, June 29, 2016
For a limited time only:
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