New Release from Christy Sloat

Title: The
Author: Christy
Genre: YA Historical Romance/Time Travel Romance
Release Date: June 16th, 2017
Cover Design:
Pretty AF Designs


He’s from 1892 England, she’s in a small library in
2017. And that’s just the start of their troubles.

Emme never meant to stay in Maine. She’d come only to find a librarian for her
Gram’s library, a custodian for the collection of mysterious books she’d
promised to protect. On a dark, wintery night, alone in the library, she takes
her first glance into one of the antique novels and finds herself transported
to 1892 England staring into the eyes of handsome and dashing hero Jack
Ridgewell. As each chapter passes she learns you can truly fall in love with a
character in a book, that book boyfriends are real and Emme must choose between
the real world, and his.

When the last page is read he’s gone and Emme feels the cold loneliness of lost
love. Will she find Jack again, or will their love be forever lost? The answer
lies within the pages…

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The Librarian excerpt
© Christy Sloat

I bent down on my hands and knees and felt along the floor
hoping not to touch anything gross. My hands grazed something odd. I felt along
its edges. It was hard and didn’t seem to belong there. Now my curiosity had me
crouching in the dark trying to figure out what this was. Finally I found the
flashlight and clicked it on. Focusing the light, I saw the odd thing sticking
up like a broken piano key. It was a floorboard upended. I pushed it to get it
back into place, but all that did was make it fly up further and then
completely out of the floor.
“Well, that’s just great,” I told myself.
I was here in the dark talking to myself. I dared to take a
look into the floor, hoping not to find a rat family living inside or a web
housing a large spider. I did find something, but it wasn’t sinister; it was a
set of books in a case covered in plastic wrap. Reaching in, I pulled them out.
The dust on it was at least three inches thick. This must be the special book
collection Gram told me to read and to keep safe. Anything that was precious to
her, she hid—like the money I found pinned to her clothing in her closet, or
the other jewelry she had taped to the back of her dresser.
I brushed the dust off and opened the plastic to find four
books inside. They were pretty good in size and looked to be in great
condition. They didn’t have traditional covers that you’d see in a bookstore.
Instead they were covered in a thick material to keep the books clean and the binding
solid. I pulled the first book from the case and placed the others back into
the hole. Covering it back with the loose board was easier than taking it out.
I held the book close, and instead of going upstairs I went to my book nook. I
had just washed the blankets the day before. Cozied up in the nook, I stared
out the window one last time before opening the book. I decided I would only
read for a little while before going up to bed. Gram did want me to read them after all.

I opened the first page to the title page; it
was blank. I flipped the page and snuggled deeper into the blankets preparing
to read the first chapter and that’s when things changed. 


This is one of those books I’ve been waiting for for a long time. The story is fresh and it’s an all around new idea. The tragic lover in the story with his obsession for the main character is completely incredible. I’d love him to be my book boyfriend. (which christy’s male characters have a habit of being) I wouldn’t mind receiving my own library in someone’s will. The story itself has so many twists and turns it keeps the reader turning pages wanting to know what happens next. Christy’s magic draws you in and doesn’t let go till the very end and it leaves you breathless and wanting more. I highly recommend this book!

Author Bio:

Christy Sloat resides in New Jersey
with her husband, two daughters and her Chihuahua, Sophie. Christy has embraced
the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her
grandmother’s loving support. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends
and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. She is the bestselling author
of twelve novels including, The Visitors Series, The Past Lives Series and the
award-winning Slumber Duology.
You can happily stalk here on these
Twitter: @Christysloat

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