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Take flight with fifteen amazingly talented bestselling authors as they bring these special Dragons to life. In each life-changing journey you will see that the heart gets what the heart wants, happily ever after is so much more than simple words at the end of a Fairy Tale, and Dragons prevail no matter the time, place, or obstacle.

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Review of Curse of the Dragons Lair by Kali Willows

This is one dragon story I couldn’t put down. Curse of the Dragons Lair by Kali Willows was phenomenal. 

Dragon witches, dragon brothers, gargoyles and a curse that could very well ruin their existence. 

Vala awakes from a long slumber in ice and quickly realized all is not as she left it. 

So many amazing twists and turns in this fast paced, hot, dragon romance, dare I say. 

The dragon brothers are everything!! So hot. So sweet. So helpful. Sighs. If only this fantasy novel could come true. 

5/5 flaming hot stars.  

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